Friday, 23 September 2011

Purple Granny Cushion

This time its purple n yellow with a tint of green! Happy with the colour choice,stitching, sewing ,everything!!the whole process was so ease..(may be coz of the experience I have had!!This is my 5th granny cushion)

Like the previous Red one, I put button closure on top..A few episodes of my fav programme on Tv - I crocheted,blocked, joined all was a slow process, took more than a week,but I dint feel so! dint struggle much on sewing too- there was nothing to do actually!! then I hand sewn the front crocheted panel to the cushion cover, buttons are attached.. And its Done!!!

Weekend is here-mine is going to be a busy one as of now!!Wishing you all a very happy one!
Till Next time,
Take Care

Monday, 19 September 2011

My first bag

oh yes!!,I am back again!!I was in Kerala for 2 weeks and we had a fabulous holiday this time. It was different,we did not have any family functions to attend,but went for a spiritual retreat,spend good amount of  time with family, i think that was much needed..,overall not a hectic one!!Came back totally refreshed,free and happy! we were back on last Tuesday, but then our telephone and Internet had some problem. Now back to the old routine..
Today I am going to show you the first bag I made, though not fully completed,have to give lining. The pattern is the famous Inga's Häkel beutel.
The pattern is simple,just have to make some squares and join them.I took some yarn to Kerala and made these squares during my stay there. After joining all the squares,I am not satisfied with the colour choice I made(i think its too dull,in pic it looks way too bright!!) and the size of the bag.. Its actually a small one. But I am happy that it has got a descent look and almost effortless! my sewing attempts to make a bag did not work. I think I will be making some more bags.I loved it totally..
Till Next time
Take Care
Happy Monday!!