Monday, 31 October 2011

Blue Waves

 Blue is my all time favourite colour.I used to have a wardrobe with kurta/tops in many shades of blue,now I control myself from buying anything blue,and try to give space for other colours..When I saw this blue variegated yarn in a shop,I couldn't resist myself, without any particular idea of what to make I bought 3 hanks. Then on the way back home I decided to make a scarf with this.
 After attending Ravelry Bangalore meet, I was so tempted to make a scarf. And this yarn seem so perfect for my desire.I took one easy pattern, which grew very fast and its done in a day's time!'vent blocked this, but soon it will be!

I am so happy with this wavy finish. Already got appreciation from my brother n hubby!This is the first finish that I've done other than home decor stuffs,I think!Some more yarn is left, hope I can make some other interesting things with that.
Pattern: Isar Scarf(free ravelry download)
Thanks everyone once again for the anniversary wishes, we indeed had a great day!
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  1. wow...that's lovely Ninu...i lvoe that variegated blue

  2. Nice one Ninu.. This blue.. I like it so much...

  3. The yarn is lovely, and your stitch pattern is fabulous! What a great scarf.

  4. Beautiful and soothing shades of blue in there!!Lovely scarf!!

  5. Such beautiful varn, and such a beautiful scarf. Well done!

  6. I love this scarf Ninu and the colours are gorgeous, definitely impossible to have resisted!


  7. Ninu ,

    i love your scarf ,the colour looks fabulous !

    Have a nice day

  8. That's a nice scarf. The colour is good. It is starting to get cold here and my son has asked me to make a scarf and hat for him. So I should be starting one soon.

  9. Very interesting crafts and blog !

  10. Blue is the color of Royals.It is really looking Royal.

  11. Beautiful work! The color is very pretty indeed.

  12. ninu it has been a pleasure to surf in ur space n relish all ur recent uploads.. this blue scarf is very appealing to the eyes.. its really is my fav colour as well..

  13. That's lovely :) I too have just finished a crocheted scarf in blue. All I need to do is block it and click it. Will be posting the pic soon

  14. Am glad I found your blog. You are so creative. Love the granny cushions, infact everything is neat.

  15. Hi Ninu,

    I have been a silent fan of your work..Your works are really awesome. Loved each and every thing.

    I would like to try out this scarf,so could you pls give me the pattern link or any details.

    Thanks a lot..

  16. Sijo, Thanks a lot! comments are more appreciated! I have updated the post with pattern link, try it and please provide an email while commenting.Take Care


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