Monday, 10 October 2011

Star Center Doily

Some of you have already seen the beautiful Star Center Doily by Nima.I loved that doily on first look itself and  immediately searched for a similar pattern,a doily freak I am, but couldn't find one like that. And last week,got a mail from Nima, that she wrote the pattern for the doily and asked whether I could test the pattern. Oh!I happily obliged! Testing was fun, found some minor mistakes  which can happen if you write pattern in a hurry,other than that the pattern was perfect and the doily turned out  very pretty  and I decided to keep this for myself! Thanks Nima!!
 The pattern is an easy one and moves very fast until you reach the ruffle part,there it becomes slow, but the outcome is worth the time n' effort.Love the ruffles part very much! I chose to do with Red and white itself, just like Nima's doily, but omitted beading part,the reason I say-did not have red beads, not that I dint have patience to thread 420 something beads :P
The picture is so Christmassy right??
Thread:Anchor Crochet Cotton Size 20
Hook Size: 0.85mm steel hook
Size: 11 inches diameter(I dint spray starch on the ruffles)
Pattern: Star Center Ruffle Doily or check here 
until next finish,which most probably be another granny cushion cover, all of you take care
Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. wow...that looks lovely ninu...thank you for your support

  2. Looks Lovely... I like 'Pattern: Nima will post soon!' most...

  3. This is awesome doily... really attractive one... loved a lot... yes ninu its absolutely chistmassy.... :)

  4. aww you girls are starting the Christmas fever here too :))
    Lovely finish Ninu.

  5. Very nice!! I like the red and white. How cool is that to test a doily pattern? I happen to love doilies too, but you already know that. Have a great week.

  6. Looks wonderful. Earlier I saw the doily in Nima's blog and liked it and my longing for it has just doubled seeing urs :-)

  7. oh..its nice..seen almost the same at nimas and white really beautifull combination.

  8. ninu u ppl are real geniuses in crocheting..really donno how to put my appreciation into words..very pretty doilies.. colour combo is very attractive


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