Monday, 24 October 2011

sweet little

"somethings"! Hope you all are doing well! was away from blogging for a while.No such crafts happened here last week,my creative side of brain was on strike I guess!Then yesterday it called off and slowly getting into action. Today I show off something I forgot to blog about.
I love earrings and I love to collect them. These crocheted ones are made by me n' added to it and my favourite is the blue one. Then the white squares I crocheted long time back during my train journey, Now there are 4 of them and 5th one in half stage. The other day I dig into my cupboard and got these,Now I really don't know why I crocheted that, totally forgot the whole idea behind. And the Coaster is for my friend who wanted a white one when she saw this.
And new additions to my stash.Laura and Anchor Knitting cotton were added last week.
From the fabric loot that happened last week.
Yesterday's attempt-Not so good looking bag,my first try, the lining was not getting right and it's not looking good, but usable.
That's all for the post now. Will come back with a neat and tidy post next time.
Till then
Happy Monday!
Take Care


  1. beautiful fabrics ninu...your bag looks nice...have you boxed the bottom...

  2. I think your earrings are awesome..I may have to make myself some..I think your purse or bag looks grat too..I love tote bags. Have a great week..glad to see you are back

  3. i love that white lacy crochet!!And those fabrics are wowww!!The bag looks great!!I love that print the most!!

  4. Bag looks nice Ninu. And as all said the printed fabrics are awesome.Where you are collecting all from? I love baby printed and floral printed fabrics

  5. The earrings were beautiful .... and the coasters :)...... eager to see the output of those cotton threads.... I like the bag too ninu

  6. @Nima: Thanks, yes boxed the bottom, but I did not put canvas,as my first attempt i was not confident about the whole thing and did not want to waste canvas!
    @Vikki: Thank you so much :). try it yourself, its quite addictive
    @sari: blue is my 2nd favourite after baby pink one!
    @Misha:from Bangalore only.
    @Arul: Thank you.I'vent decided wht to do with them yet!

  7. hello ninu,
    thanks for visiting, your blog is also beautiful. The earrings and the crochet are so lovely.
    have a nice week.

  8. comme c' est beau tu as de bien belles réalisations bravo
    j' adore tes boucles d'oreilles
    tu es douée je te met le lien vers mon blog tu pourras le visiter et me laisser un commentaire je pourrais t' ajouter a ma liste de blogs a visiter a bientôt dane

  9. super beau et bravo a toi l' artiste le lien de mon blog

  10. Fabulous stash!

    Have to say though, those earrings are amazing!


  11. luv the ear rings ninu.. as well all the items u hv displayed here..the bag has come out pretty well for a beginner ...did u box the btm?


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