Thursday, 27 October 2011

Two Tone

Hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali..We don't celebrate this festival,but I enjoyed watching lights,traditional flowers,rangoli,sweets,fire crackers by neighbours, and the most fun was to watch the sky after sun with colourful fireworks!It was fabulous!In Kerala,we burst crackers during Christmas with all our heart!!Oh!!!I am waiting for December to come!
 OK,now speaking of Two Tones,I am back to Doily making after a short(very short) break!These cute things can be great gifts,I believe!This pattern was bookmarked long time ago and on Tuesday(which was holiday for my hubby) I started working on it. Its a very simple pattern and done in a day's time taking many intervals in between.As always choosing colour was really a task!
 Again I chose one with lavender n yellow,I already have an embroidered bed sheet set,2 crochet cushion covers in this combo, so why not a doily??
 The second one is flesh colour+peach,this was an experiment, but I loved this combo. quite fResh!Which one you like better?
 The pattern was so easy to follow and my doilies came 8 inch diameter after blocking. Without blocking also, it holds a very nice shape and size. If I happen to crochet this pattern again,I will surely avoid blocking part.

Pattern: Two Tone Doily
Thread:Anchor Crochet Cotton size 20

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  1. these are beautiful and i love the colours you've chosen!

  2. Ninu... Both are nice.. But this time, I like the flesh colour+peach one the most...

  3. Crocheting doillies is my favourote activity too and choosing the color is the most difficult part of the entire process :) Love this pattern your doilies have come out quite nice :)

  4. I like them both..but I think the peachy one is my always have such pretty color combos..very nice.

  5. Love this pattern! Thanks for linking it! I'll have to give it a try. =)

  6. nice pattern...both are looking nice but my fav is second one...peach with white..dear

  7. Neat Doilies. I like them both.

  8. looking so pretty..... nice color combination..... loved ur doilies

  9. wow...this looks very pretty Ninu...i love the colour combos

  10. Thanks everyone! Comments are always welcome!

  11. These are both gorgeous Ninu, I'd find it very difficult to choose.

    You make these so beautifully, I'd like to have even just half your talent for them.

    Well done!


  12. hi, came to your site while surfing internet and was there i think a whole hour looking at all the wonderful things you have created. I too am very interested in crochet. Wanted to check from where do you get your yarn and threads from.. thanks a lot for this info.. sheela

  13. i like both of them ninu.. lovely combos, both of em:)..


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