Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Water My Garden..

Good Morning Friends,
Finally,the cross stitch that I was working on is done!.It came out beautifully and I am definitely going to frame this.. Experts advised me NOT to give a timeline while working on cross stitch,especially when the design is big and has a lot of color change, as it doesn't make the work fun! This one progressed slowly, I took it out when I really wanted to work on it.Overall, a nice experience and a good outcome!!
I love cross stitch, love the way when designs come up from no where(of course we follow a chart, but still).how the design grows!I used to take pictures of how it progressed, but later stage, don't know what happened, I dropped the plan..wanted to.. but.. lazy lazy me!!

The original pattern has got verses from Bible, I wanted to cross stitch that too, but I got wrong when I cut the fabric and  no enough space to work that now :( I realised that when it was half way through. A bit sad about that, as with that verses, the pattern looks more classy and  most liked one from the whole book. Happy that I got to cross stitch the whole watering can though!!Its a beautiful design!!
..Water My Garden
Drench My Flower Beds..
                                        Ecclesiasticus 24:31
Have a nice day!!
Take Care


  1. oooNinu, this is just sooo Beautiful.Very nicely done too.Yes you are right, having the verse would have added to the picture. is this pattern from some book? can you please tell me where it is from?

  2. wow..that's lovely Ninu...the verse is also beautiful...

    but i don't want to hurt you more talking about the verse...hope you have the link to fabic calculator...do use it if it is too much confusing when you decide the size of fabric.

  3. very pretty..u have done it very neatly..like a painting...it shows ur talent in cross stitching..

  4. It resembles a painting... Loved it Ninu.

  5. GREAT! Can imagine the amount of work you have put into it. I can never ever do anything like this though I would love to.

  6. This is such a beautiful piece of work. Well done!

  7. How beautiful! Your work is exquisite.

  8. very nice. I have done crossstitch, but unlike you I don't have the patience, and the back of my work got so messy. I think it looks awesome.

  9. It all looks lovely Ninu, so very pretty.


  10. Absolutely stunning work!!You have so much patience!!

  11. very beautiful Ninu, lots and lots of patience and hardwork standing out

  12. its very beautiful ninu..i luv garden themes a looot..esp watering cans and birds in close vicinity..planning to stitch one like tat.. but at present the one which am working on calls for 20 pages ..so donno wn i will be able to start another dream project:)


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