Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas 2011-Snowflakes

Its been only 10 days after my last post,but I feel I took a long break. I was taking rest for sometime.My Mom was here for some days then both of us went to hometown to celebrate the feast of Mother Mary at our church(Parel Palli Perunnal). It was nice to be at home especially when you run on antibiotics,yes,I got viral fever in between n' I never knew antibiotics could be this strong!.And now back in Bangalore and  back to routine. And I showcase some of the little things I made for this Christmas, all for myself.
red snowflakes
These red snowflakes I made almost one month ago, blocked it yesterday. The larger one is with Knitting Cotton and the smaller ones are with size 20 crochet thread. 
white snowflakes
Then some white ones too. The smaller ones have white beads on it, the pattern I took from a book I recently bought. I thought I'd make all the 15 patterns from it, but only 2 are done now. I want to make some more snowflakes. Check the collection I made last year. 
snowflakes 2010 before blocking,
I realised now, I used to do a lot of tatting then. Now I forgot where my tatting shuttle is?
See you back with some more Christmassy things!
Take Care


  1. the snowflakes are so beautiful.
    best regards

  2. Those snowflakes are gorgeous! I have been trying to crochet some snowflakes!

  3. Your Snowflakes are so pretty !! Specially the Red onces !!

  4. you make me want to pick up my tatting shuttles again.. :-)

  5. Love all of them! specially the tatted ones are so pretty!

  6. The snowflakes are gorgeous. Especially like the red. Think I may have to try a few. The tatting is beautiful, always wanted to learn. Maybe this coming year.

  7. Snowflakes are looking cute.... matching color combination for the photographs........Nice...

  8. lovely snowflakes ninu..i love the red one...

  9. very pretty!!!I was eagerly for ur christmas crations...well done..

  10. Those snowflakes are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Very Pretty snowflakes...
    I also tried a few some time back...

  12. wow!! i feel like grabbing them ninu.. fantastic !!...hv u hung them on the tree or arranged them on the table as tiny doilies?..

  13. So delicate neat work! Amazing! I like them very much :)


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