Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Some more of the decorations we have in our home sweet home. 
Snowflakes on my tree.These are all last year's collection.
I love candles, prefer stick ones and love collecting it too.I put two bulky scented candles on the top of the Red Pinwheel Doily .Next, the cutie pie doilies are hung on my kitchen wall.  The Christmas wreath,I made it myself with a plain garland I bought, again last year's.Wrapped it over a circular wire and added some gold painted pine cones with and a bow made with gold sheer lace. I am not too happy with the look, wanted to add/remove/change something from this,but again time constraints.I wonder,where my time goes,i know I waste a lot by just planning things and thinking about it, next year I will be a good girl,promise!!
Some snowflakes are hung on the T.V. Unit,I love this a lot, the idea inspired from site is an addiction, you get lots of ideas from there, but it takes a huge of time from you. I limited my time spending there, but I love the site.Regarding this decoration, I posted this pic on my facebook profile this week n' a cousin  commented,"OMG..... all your snowflakes committed suicide..... ?"    ,I burst  into laughter!!.different perspectives I say , LOL!!..Now when I look at these snowflakes, it reminds me of his comment.
I did not buy any store bought items for the tree this year, Wanted to fill the whole tree with snowflakes, but its not even half filled.So the tree is not crowded , but its beautiful!We enjoyed decorating it..
Hope everyone is busy and running around !!Wishing you all a very  very happy happy Christmas!Have a safe one!
Take Care


  1. wow..ninu I loved ur christmas decorations pretty..especialy those candles with red good..have a candle light dinner with ur beloved one...Merry christmas!!

  2. Wow! What fantastic decorations! I didn't have time to make any this year, though I might make some after Christmas, after all, the tree will still be up!
    I love Pinterest too, but it doesn't take up much of my time as I'm only allowed to see about 100 pins...

  3. wow...lovely tree looks perfect and not crowded...

    Merry Christmas to yo...enjoy your holidays.

  4. Very pretty decorations!!The snowflakes look very nice!!Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. Beautiful, Ninu. I think the tree looks great. And considering you did not buy anything for the tree, this is awesome. Kudos to u.. :)

  6. Lovely tree decoration. The snowflakes are beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  7. So pretty Ninu! After seeing your absolutely gorgeous tatted snowflakes I want to try some too:) maybe next year :)).
    Merry Christmas AND A blessed New Year Ninu

  8. beautiful handmade decorations, the snowflakes one a lot. I really want to learn crochet, I might as well put it as my resolution for 2012:D...Merry Christmas..:)

  9. Ninuve..
    Christmas gambheeramayi aghoshichuvallo..Ini new year-um koodi...
    A very happy new year to you..
    It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and see your creations.Hope to see more of them in the coming year too..


  10. very pretty tree ninu.. with all your snowflakes hanging on it,its looking even more lovable!.. Hope u had a wonderful xmas dear:)

  11. Wonderful Ninu...

    Happy and creative 2012....

    happiness always,


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