Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bed sheet set

Hello all,
A touch of embroidered flowers,the red polka dotted strip in between the off white fabric, the bed sheet is done which matches well with the pillowcases and can be called as a set.
I tried with my maximum effort to get a full nice view of the bed sheet,this is the one pic which came close! The pics I click inside my house do not come well and here also its no different. The red strip is not that large as seen in the pic, it looks much much better in real.
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

One more doily done

 So many people asked me why I am crocheting so many doilies, well,I really love making them and  most of them gone out as gifts and only a few are left with me! This one I started crocheting for me, I love this pattern and I needed a white doily. But after blocking, I just took it to my friends place and gave it away as gift. She once told me her need of white doily!. We are thick friends and I never gave any handmade gifts for her before!

The pattern is so beautiful and doily is big enough, I really love the border part! I think I will crocheting the same pattern again, don't know! and moreover I want a white doily for myself!
Pattern: Summer Splendor Doily
Thread: Anchor crochet Cotton in size 20.
Thanks a lot for the comments on my previous post on embroidered pillowcase and a warm welcome to my new followers! you people are making me a happy person!Thanks to all! :)
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Take Care and have a nice day!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Embroidered PillowCase

 These were something that I planned long back,a bed sheet and pillow cases , with a contrasting trim.But never did  I work on this, though I bought material and decided on what to do/how to do etc. Most of the times,my plan remains as a plan itself, and sometime I start with my plan and ends up in a totally different thing. Last week,after touching my hands on crochet,cross stitch(nothing in a completed stage) etc I decided to make some pillow cases and I checked my cupboard for fabric, I saw this off white material and polka dotted fabric nicely folded together with the embroidery pattern and rough sewing design kept inside.See, how good I am in planning!! LOL
And I decided to give it a try.I got a video to make hidden seam pillow cases from Mini. I find this a super easy tutorial and I followed this to sew my pillows though I omitted the accent piece.And here is a close up on the  embroidery.
Just chain stitch,satin stitch and french knots,the usual stitches I do. The pattern is from here,I omitted some flowers shown in the original pattern.The bed sheet plan is still there, hope I finish it off soon!Hope you all liked my new finish.
Till next time
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Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy Monday!

 Happy Monday!!Some embroidery done in between a lot of crochet especially doily making. This was an UFO which only needed half an hour of stitching to become a FO. But I always ignored it as I was not sure what to do with this once the embroidery part is complete! Today morning I got an idea to display this embroidery in the hoop itself. I rushed and completed the green part and fitted it on the hoop nicely. Its now displayed on the wall.I dint frame this,just pinned the rest of the fabric tightly behind the hoop so that if another idea strikes I can use this by removing all those pins. If anyone is interested in framing on the hoop, then check this tutorial.

This scene lifted my mood today!I invest a lot of time on balcony gardening these days! This is my second attempt to have a small garden in our balcony, first one I failed miserably and this time I am trying hard and desperately!its going OK but not with ease!Now a days what I do first thing when I wake up is checking my plants!Today morning, I saw this miniature dahlia in full bloom, it was such a joy! Simple pleasures of life!
Have a great week!
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Giveaway Winner

Thanks you ladies who participated in my giveaway.  I really loved reading your comments about nature,it was fun! And the winner of this giveaway is
Geetha, Congratulations!!Please email me your postal address so that I can send you the gifts at the earliest. Once again Thanks to all who took interest in the giveaway!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

An award,my first one too

..totally honoured! Thank you so much Pearlin for choosing me!really a happy feeling..
Some random facts about me

  • All the crafts I exhibit on my blog,I learnt it upon my interest, thru friends, book and Internet. I have never seen my family members doing any of these, but My mom and aunts always appreciated when others do.
  • I have a habit of writing Personal Diary on a daily basis
  • I love collecting recipes and writing it on my recipe book,one of my hobbies, it has now more than 350 recipes in 4 years, but the tried ones don't exceed 100
  • I am really good in remembering dates ,especially birthdays and anniversaries 
  • I love shopping for home and I do a lot of window shopping at home shops,but I don't like window shop for clothes,shoes etc.
  • I love taking photos and I am developing my skills on it now,I carry my camera with me most of the time.
  • I always enjoy simple pleasures of life,sometimes simple things make me emotional too!
  • I have a good number of friends and I try to keep in touch with all of them, I really love meeting my girl friends and its been a while since we last met.
  • I love spending time with my family, chit chatting and love the togetherness!
I think I have said enough ,Now I'd like to pass this award on to

Do visit their blogs and if you haven't entered in the  giveaway please do it.
Take Care

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Giveaway time!!Come,enter and win!! {Giveaway Closed}

A short visit to hometown and I am back in Bangalore with a happy face, no particular reason,but after I came back,I find myself loaded with positive energy!!!hehe.. And in all happy mood,I am hosting a giveaway to all friends here,this is my 101th post..

I really did not have any idea about blogging when I started my blog,it just happened on one lazy evening( we were in UK that time) and the only intention was to show my close friends and family that I have a creative side too! I did not have any idea how vast this networking could be! After coming back to India,I took a break(actually I had no plans to continue)from blogging and some emails came from blogger friends asking what happened??,why no posts etc etc??you know what I felt that time?"Precious", yes,that's the word!! That motivated me and  here I am, with my 101th post!!Now I really enjoy blogging,reading blogs(I find that very inspiring!),and totally love this network!!also I found a few friends too from here but never got a chance to meet any of them :(!! I am truly thankful to all who visit this space and those who take time to put a comment,that's really encouraging and it really means a lot to me!!Here's my humble offer to you all!

The Pink Doily and a Cutie pie Doily in variegated pink,its a pink affair!! and 15x15" cross stitch material and Anchor Floss in 3 colours- Deep Pink,Yellow and Green.

If you want to win these, please put a comment to this post answering a simple question (which is no where connected to what I write on my blog) before 12th June.If you don't have a blog, please leave your email id when you post the comment.
Being a nature lover ,My question is  : what do you love most about nature? 
Quite simple right??
All the best!