Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reversible Table Runner

Sewing still is not my comfortable area though I love to do it. I want to concentrate more on it(at least this month), and today I sat in front of my machine. I had to push myself very hard for that. Started with this  reversible table runner  which was in my to-do list from last year after the tutorial was posted.A very easy one, I don't know why I did not give it a try all this time.
The only difference from the original tutorial is the contrast fabric in the middle.I thought it would give a different look other than the printed one/ maroon alone on both sides which would have been really boring.

One side of the runner, I love this blue printed fabric, but without a contrasting colour,it doesn't look good at all.The maroon fabric is from an old dupatta of mine which was in excellent condition, but very old for the current trend. I'vent worn it in last 6 years, so I decided to use it for my sewing lessons. And with this  blue fabric,its a good combo I feel.
The reverse side of the runner.I am very happy with the whole finish. The colours too,though it doesn't go well with the current decor at home, but this is a trial for some serious sewing in future. The tutorial is well explained and an easy one especially for a beginner like me. 

I have so many WIP's going on now, mostly crochet. Will post more about that in the next post. And check the Red granny pillows, which kept me busy during my vacation at home. This was made upon an order, soon I will be making more of it for myself.
Till Next time,
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  1. wow..ninu...very nice..u will not beleive I had this idea of stiching a reversible runner adding a contrast fabric on centre when I saw nimas post..but after cutting and all I kept in cupboard I completely forgot it..nowadays I dont enjoy much sewing..will have to try it..
    and ur cushions!!what can I say it is so beautiful !!!!!I am sure everybode will like it..All the best for ur future works..

  2. lovely runner Ninu!Love the cushions too!

  3. beautiful cushions and lovely runner attempt...

  4. Beautiful one Ninu. Very nice colour combination..!! :)

  5. ninu..... I loved your cushions.... really really a nice work.... i liked the table runner too

  6. The pillows are fantastic and who said sewing is not your forte.. keep making simpler project and you'll be on your way to having more fun with sewing..

  7. That's a nice table runner. The pillows look excellent.

  8. Very pretty runner Ninu. Need a few sewing lessons from you!!:)And very very pretty and vibrant cushions.

  9. pretty runner ninu.. sweetyy next time rmbr to add tassels to the ends.. even without tat its ok.. but tat will add to the charm:)


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