Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy to be back

:) its been a real long time, eh??missed me?? ha ha! The reason is I moved to my parents home late Jan(for a good reason) and was not into any crafts for sometime ,then as usual it took sometime to set up the things needed to connect to the big world of Internet. Anyway I am very happy to be back , slowly catching up with news from here.
I never thought resume blogging takes this much time, its one thing or another always wrong, and when everything gets ready,I may not be in the right mood! My crafts room/table is full of WIP's. I  keep switching from one thing to another, now I have a dozen of things half way.The only thing I managed to get it to the final finish are these two doilies,both are going to be given as gifts.
 The Pinwheel doily in lavender, its a very easy pattern and I crocheted it in a day's time, but to get it blocked it had to wait. I think I will crochet this pattern again and next time I make sure that I have threaded some beads.
Project Details:
Thread:Anchor Mercerised Cotton Size 20 in Lavender
Hook:Steel hook 0.85mm
Finished size after blocking:11.5 inches.

 Next comes the Summer Splendor Doily which is going to be a gift for a sweet friend of mine. I love this pattern and this is the my second doily in the same pattern,same colour. The thread is size 10 and is a gift from a friend.I have 1.5 balls left and you will see some more thread crochet in white soon.
Project Details:
Thread:Coeur Rouge Mercerised Cotton
Hook:Steel hook 0.85mm
Finished size after blocking:15inches.
 I have some more doilies waiting for blocking, sooo many granny squares crocheted up,a large glass painting with outline done, some embroidery as you see in the pic and moreover want to clean  and arrange my little craft room Mom allotted as long as I stay here, to keep my crafty things so that she doesnt see it all around the house, I make sure that its not scattered in other places but dump everything here and its a huge huge mess.
Thats all for the post and will be back soon, Thanks for all the concern everyone showed when I was away!
take care


  1. Hey, welcome back. Your doilies are pretty as usual.

  2. Happy to see you back in action..... Nice doilies.... Take care....

  3. Welcome ninu... happy to see your post after a very long time....

  4. Hi Ninu,

    Yes, you were missed. The doilies are great! I especially loved the second one. You take lots of care.


  5. welcome back dear..I realy miss u ..lovely doilies..and I like ur post also..

  6. Missed you much dear girl.So happy to see you back :)
    Lovely doilies Ninu

  7. good to see you back....lovely doilies as usual

  8. Welcome back Ninu,the doilies are pretty.

  9. Hi Ninu,
    Happy to see that u r back in action :)...Ur blog posts were missed...Love the granny squares in the 1st pick..U know what?Finally I finished my pinwheel doily which I started long back and its waiting to be blocked for more than a month now...will be publishing it soon in FB :)

    Take Care!

  10. Hi Ninu,

    Same with you, I was absent in the blogging world for a long time. It's just recently that I came back to blogging. Also got so many WIPs, can't decide which to finish first. Right now, I am finishing a doily. Then will go back to cross stitching which has been neglected for a very long time.

    Miss you girl!


  11. Wow Ninu, Great come back with all pretty doilies and eager to see the embroidery.
    U were surely missed.
    Lots of love

  12. Welcome back! was missing new posts on this blog. Take care


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