Tuesday, 26 June 2012

something cute

yes, back to needle n thread with some  cute embroidery , hook and yarn has taken a back seat. And today I'll show the two cute animal patterns I did.I really enjoyed doing these and it came out really well.
Its stem stitch through out and satin stitch for the flowers. I loved stitching ducks and another ducky pattern is bookmarked for a pillowcase which I am going to start soon. 
Next comes bunny done in back stitch, I did the same pattern before and finished it into a cushion cover which was my very first sewing attempt. Almost same colours used there.
What you see is a large lump of tangled thread, leftovers from my early attempts. One fine day, I decided to clean it up, have good enough time for these things now, I thought better to utilise the time given. And after three days, its now in a more organised manner.
I am very happy when its done and used thread from this collection for the above embroidery. Have good collection of shades of almost all colours there,thanks to the all cross stitch I did so far. Now you wonder about my patience to do this right? yes ?? now I also wonder!!
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Monday, 11 June 2012

Embroidered Pillowcase-Blue Birds

Doily craze is almost over n' my crochet hook is free from Doilies/coasters. Now I want to spare some of my precious time for embroidery. I have mentioned here before that I love Vintage embroidery patterns, I just love its simplicity. This blue birds pattern was bookmarked long time back with intention to make a pillowcase. When I came home this year, the first crafty thing I did was this embroidery, as always procrastinated  finishing part. I was happy with the colours and everything about it. The matching pink fabric was also chosen by then. But yesterday only I could finish this pillowcase, it did not take much of my time too.  lazy lazy me!! Yesterday evening, I was in all good mood and made matching bed sheet also( no emb there), there was quite enough fabric. Its a great feeling to see the WIP's progressing to FO's. Check here for more embroidered pillowcases by me. They are all in same fashion.
 Find the pattern here: Blue Birds
I have bookmarked some more emb patterns( not everything for pillows), everything simple n' cute, don't know how far my plans work!
Till then
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Happy Monday!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

C for Coaster

Some coasters which are going to be my handmade gifts for some dear friends, When it comes to pre-planned gifts,I get confused in the planning stage itself, changing my mind every other minute and finally make something which totally differ from what I planned first. Here these coasters were also not the plan, now I want to send these to them before I change my mind.I hope they like these little colourful things.
Orange is never my fav colour,usually I never take this as the main colour, but I love these coasters.Bright,beautiful and cheerful!!
Then I played with colours for these square coasters with green edge.
Two little coasters (or call them mini doilies) made with thread, I just love this colour. The pattern is from a book which I got recently. This year,I am lucky to get lots of crafty books as gifts. See what I got from my SIL.
So thats about the post, I don't know when I update here next. My crafty side is fully active, but not getting time for blogging.
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Take care