Friday, 22 February 2013

The Red Dress

Yay!! back here again after a loong loooong time.. yes,I have to admit tht i almost forgot about this lil space I own in the big blog world.wht to say?? priorities changed, but I did stay with my hobbies all thru but not like it used to be (obviously).Internet time is limited and photography is more focused on "one object" and there lies reason for no posts here. 

Now that we are back in our Bangalore home I hope I can be more active here.but no promises. I made a few things for her when I was pregnant and afterwards,I must say its so much fun and makes you really happy and proud when its put to use.  And now sharing with you the Christmas dress I crocheted for her. I wanted something special for her on Christmas and I had this Red yarn which was a SWAP gift from a friend on last Christmas.I am not a yarny person, now attitude is changing and there are several yarn-related projects in my queue. And I loved this cute dress pattern on Ravelry which is huge hit and decided to make it without searching further ( which is not the case usually, I keep on searching and confused and finally go back to the first choice, thereby wasting a huge amount of time).

 The pattern is easy and was done it one day's time, gave two buttons on back for closure and thats it.I made this one month prior and it was just right for her on Christmas day. I cannot say how happy I was seeing this dress on her and surely a memory to cherish upon.The only regret is I couldn't take one good pic of her with the dress and when I tried later on it became a bit short for her. :(
Project Details:
Pattern: Angel Wings Pinafore
Yarn:Vardhman Millenium
Hook: 4.0mm

Thanks everyone for the wishes, my baby girl is 5 months now and I am enjoying motherhood very much!
Till next post
Take care