Sunday, 31 March 2013

Monday, 25 March 2013

Easy peasy Table Runner

Happy Monday everyone!
How are you all doing? Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was really good, my best friend came to visit me and stayed with us, we went to see our good ol' college mates n friends together, Oh!! lovely time ..It was great to meet class mates,rewinding all those beautiful times..short but sweet!!
 Coming back to my crafty crochet world, I made a table runner for our coffee table last week.I loved the pattern, it cannot be simpler than this and I wanted to make with single colour. but there was not enough yarn.I've already decided not to order/buy anything unless I use half of my humongous stash!(atleast I think so).Last year, I stashed up a lot and I feel guilty when I see it. yes, I am always tempted to buy when I see a nice pattern, but nooo, I am determined.
So the runner has two colours, yellow and beige.The pattern is very simple and grows very fast. I am not super happy by the look, but just okay. It just fits the table. The critic at home did not like it, but hey!!I dont think its that bad. I already started dreaming about the same pattern in single colour.I think the colour will be red, so now you know when I am going to make that.
I used Laura knitting cotton for this, I think its good for dining/kitchen crochet, bags etc and we get good colours too. This runner was made as part of the 'Home decor-Along' running on Crafty Dozen group in Ravelry. I have some more plans for the 'along', which are also very easy things,mainly spring-Easter theme. Lets see whether I can make it on time.So much to do and so little time..

Project Details
Pattern: Table Runner
Size: 24 x 8.5 inches
Yarn: Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook: 4 mm

Have a blessed Holy Week!!

Till next time
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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I love..

.. the mere sight of these trees with pink blooms, this city looks its best this time, my favy time in Bangalore!Its such a happy feeling going for a drive/walk and seeing these flower laden trees everywhere,in all their glory!!

..And then I remembered these flowers, I love crocheting these with leftover thread in my own way, which is very simple.
Make ch5 and join to form a loop, or make a magic ring to avoid the hole in the middle.
Petal: In the loop, ch3,2 tr,ch3 and join the loop
6 Petals around

I make them n save it for future use, So hows ur week going? Stay happy n crafty!

Till next time
Take care

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lavender beauties..

...for my little miss beautiful. These are the first things I made for her,to keep her warm.There is a blanket, booties,mitten and beanie. 
I always scared to attempt on wearable/blanket/afghans n such big things, its the time taken for these  I feared the most. I wanted to make a blanket for the baby,time was no constraint then, there was plenty of it, so I decided to make one. Finalised with the snapdragon stitch pattern and bought hook n yarn, started immediately after the yarn was delivered. I expected a minimum of two months for the blanket, but to my surprise, it was done in 2 weeks. yes,all through day time I was crocheting, there was nothing else to do. Its the first chaining and first row, the most time consuming and boring, otherwise it ran smoothly.
I tried several edging for this but went to my favourite scallops finally, and also gave a provision for ribbon. There was plenty of yarn left, so I made booties, mitten and a beanie too. Booties and beanie are used quite often, but we've never used mittens. And I love the booties pattern very much, the name of this pattern is 'Best Ever booties' and I must say its an apt name. I made some more booties with other colours with this pattern, its super easy!
The blanket is quite big,it was my first time and I got my measurements a lil wrong somewhere, no probs, she can use it for a long time. I wanted to make another blanket after I was done with this, when I was ready with all supplies I was put on bed rest, but she got one as gift on the same pattern I wanted to make, that too in a lovely colour combination. Stop guessing!! its the Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy. And now I am making that for a friend's baby and its almost done, all I need to do is a lil bit of steaming, all about tht in next post!

Project Details
Blanket Pattern: Snapdragon
Size : 34" x 32" inches
Booties Pattern:Best Ever Booties
Beanie and Mittens Pattern: Baby Ripple Hat
Yarn: Vardhman Babysoft 
Hook: 4mm

So till next time
Happy Days!
Take Care

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wrap it around

I so wish I had better Internet, it is not at all proper and blogging is kind of difficult. So, hows your week going? Mine going well, crafty and otherwise.Its already March and I really have no idea how time's going(pss:  last year this time I was counting every second, minute to pass,I felt the day was longer than 24hrs :(  ),  I'm happy I get  time for my hobbies now. I was totally away from anything related to crafts this year until mid Feb,it was more of cleaning,unpacking, organising whenever my little girl allowed.Now home is almost set,some more things are to be done, but it can wait. I really didnt know where to start and my craft room still is a mess.
  There was a two-month CAL going on Crafty Dozen group on Ravelry and I decided to join as there's a deadline. It had to be something with the yarn in my stash. A shawl/scarf was in my mind,chose the pattern after a lot of search,being the first one made I thought of not taking any risks and chose one simple pattern.I can crochet fast I think, that part was done in two days time.Next on to the very difficult part-blocking, though I tried my best I still feel its a bit heavy. I should have used a larger hook .
I love the colour,the pink shade in between,the shape and hope to wrap it when climate gets cold here. btw what do u call this colour, all this life I refer it as 'violet', I know most people call it as 'purple'.
Project Details:
Pattern: Oveja 
Yarn: Vardhman Double Colour (DK/8ply)
Hook: 4.5mm

 If you are on my facebook page, the pic may look a little familiar.I posted this pic over an year ago there  when I was crocheting this stole. Its silk yarn from SilkIndian, I bought it when I joined the Ravelry Bangalore Brigade meet organised at the their store. I was not sure whether I use it or not , so bought only 2 hanks,just for the sake tht I went there and I must say I regretted that decision later. The yarn is super cool and its perfect for gifting.

I started making a stole afterwards,the yarn is too smooth and crochet was so fast  and again the pattern also an easy one.And after crocheting, it rested in my cupboard for an year to get it blocked. I thought the silk also had to go under steam for blocking and really did not want to go through all those physical stress then. Recently I saw a post on blocking silk, it looked so easy, and here my stole blocked,lace opened and ready to use( yeah!I already started using it..)
Its made with only one hank of yarn, the width n length are adjusted to my likes. There's scope for more stretching n' blocking, I was too careful during the process, but very happy with the thing. I think its the colour that I love most.

Project Details
Pattern: Ziggy Lace Scarf
Yarn: SilkIndian Aleena Silk of Heaven (Fingering / 4 ply)
Hook: 4.0mm
Finished Size : 75 x 4.5 inches
So, thats two things I made for myself, totally selfish me-me, after all, I see most of my crafts are going as gifts n' I badly need something for myself to show off. But yes, I am making a lot of gifts now, mostly for the little people who already landed safely and to those who are waiting for safe landing..
Till next time
Take Care