Monday, 25 March 2013

Easy peasy Table Runner

Happy Monday everyone!
How are you all doing? Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was really good, my best friend came to visit me and stayed with us, we went to see our good ol' college mates n friends together, Oh!! lovely time ..It was great to meet class mates,rewinding all those beautiful times..short but sweet!!
 Coming back to my crafty crochet world, I made a table runner for our coffee table last week.I loved the pattern, it cannot be simpler than this and I wanted to make with single colour. but there was not enough yarn.I've already decided not to order/buy anything unless I use half of my humongous stash!(atleast I think so).Last year, I stashed up a lot and I feel guilty when I see it. yes, I am always tempted to buy when I see a nice pattern, but nooo, I am determined.
So the runner has two colours, yellow and beige.The pattern is very simple and grows very fast. I am not super happy by the look, but just okay. It just fits the table. The critic at home did not like it, but hey!!I dont think its that bad. I already started dreaming about the same pattern in single colour.I think the colour will be red, so now you know when I am going to make that.
I used Laura knitting cotton for this, I think its good for dining/kitchen crochet, bags etc and we get good colours too. This runner was made as part of the 'Home decor-Along' running on Crafty Dozen group in Ravelry. I have some more plans for the 'along', which are also very easy things,mainly spring-Easter theme. Lets see whether I can make it on time.So much to do and so little time..

Project Details
Pattern: Table Runner
Size: 24 x 8.5 inches
Yarn: Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook: 4 mm

Have a blessed Holy Week!!

Till next time
Take Care


  1. wow...that's a simple lovely runner Ninu

  2. wow... really it looks simple and beautiful and pattern in really simple

  3. It's simple and beautiful. Thanks for following my new blog.

  4. Ninu Runner looks simple and elegant.

  5. I guess you will complete the other one also very soon with this pattern. Lovely pictures!

  6. Wonderful Ninu :-) Nice pics & neat finish.

  7. I really like the colors together!!!


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