Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I love..

.. the mere sight of these trees with pink blooms, this city looks its best this time, my favy time in Bangalore!Its such a happy feeling going for a drive/walk and seeing these flower laden trees everywhere,in all their glory!!

..And then I remembered these flowers, I love crocheting these with leftover thread in my own way, which is very simple.
Make ch5 and join to form a loop, or make a magic ring to avoid the hole in the middle.
Petal: In the loop, ch3,2 tr,ch3 and join the loop
6 Petals around

I make them n save it for future use, So hows ur week going? Stay happy n crafty!

Till next time
Take care


  1. Me too love these flowers. such a pretty sight nature has provided us with! and the sight you provided with all the multi color flowers is as awesome too :)

  2. Beautiful! There are not many flower laden trees in Delhi.

  3. I love seeing these flowery trees. They are there near our locality too.
    And love ur crochet flowers..

  4. are these gulmohar tree Ninu...lovely picture


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