Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lavender beauties..

...for my little miss beautiful. These are the first things I made for her,to keep her warm.There is a blanket, booties,mitten and beanie. 
I always scared to attempt on wearable/blanket/afghans n such big things, its the time taken for these  I feared the most. I wanted to make a blanket for the baby,time was no constraint then, there was plenty of it, so I decided to make one. Finalised with the snapdragon stitch pattern and bought hook n yarn, started immediately after the yarn was delivered. I expected a minimum of two months for the blanket, but to my surprise, it was done in 2 weeks. yes,all through day time I was crocheting, there was nothing else to do. Its the first chaining and first row, the most time consuming and boring, otherwise it ran smoothly.
I tried several edging for this but went to my favourite scallops finally, and also gave a provision for ribbon. There was plenty of yarn left, so I made booties, mitten and a beanie too. Booties and beanie are used quite often, but we've never used mittens. And I love the booties pattern very much, the name of this pattern is 'Best Ever booties' and I must say its an apt name. I made some more booties with other colours with this pattern, its super easy!
The blanket is quite big,it was my first time and I got my measurements a lil wrong somewhere, no probs, she can use it for a long time. I wanted to make another blanket after I was done with this, when I was ready with all supplies I was put on bed rest, but she got one as gift on the same pattern I wanted to make, that too in a lovely colour combination. Stop guessing!! its the Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy. And now I am making that for a friend's baby and its almost done, all I need to do is a lil bit of steaming, all about tht in next post!

Project Details
Blanket Pattern: Snapdragon
Size : 34" x 32" inches
Booties Pattern:Best Ever Booties
Beanie and Mittens Pattern: Baby Ripple Hat
Yarn: Vardhman Babysoft 
Hook: 4mm

So till next time
Happy Days!
Take Care


  1. Ninu ..I was waiting for this post..when I saw these cuties on ur fb page..very interesting and tempting!is it knitting cotton thread u used ..?

  2. Looks very peaceful somehow...it has to do with the magic of the color lavender i guess, plus the added beauty of a hand made product! M sure your little one will be warm n cozy in these lovely hand mades :)

  3. Wowwwwww.. very cute little things.. i love the booties.. Nice work Ninu.. I ll save this combo pattern for me to use in future. :) :)

  4. its a perfect gift set for ur baby ninu.... the color is very cool.... keep rocking... and thanks for sharing the pattern

  5. Very cute! i love the colour, and it can be used for boy and girl too! keep going

  6. So cute and cozy! Love the color, too. =)

  7. Looks very warm and cosy ! being a creative mom, you are lucky to have a baby girl:)

  8. Elegant set... Ninu... I just love them. How many balls of the yarn you used for the full set?

  9. Wow!! that's really lovely and cozy....nice colour too.....

  10. Beautiful set, a perfect gift for your baby :) I love the yarn you have used. There is an award waiting for you over on my blog! Elisabeth x

  11. what a beautiful blanket! I love the pattern and the border. We don't put mitts on babies because of the cold, it's to stop them scratching themselves.

  12. I love this set! Thanks for the inspiration to go with lavender on a baby blanket I'm starting soon. Your photos were so gorgeous that I returned my pink for this gorgeous color!


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