Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Baby sheets for the little angel

Hello everyone,
How are you all doing? I was all determined after my last post to blog at least once in a week, but no,that did not happen.As I said before,either I dont have pics or  I dont like the pics taken. I think I am becoming lil lazy now(?). anyway  I ve been a good girl today doing all those pending things and I feel so happy about it.

 From last week my craft time is fully dedicated to make these baby sheets for my new born niece. Yes, another baby girl added to my bro's family. I promised her Mom, my SIL ,these sheets, but couldnt get it done when we went to see her last time.After coming back, these were given priority and happy that its done.She loves hand mades and I am sure the effort will be appreciated. I made a decision long ago to give my hand mades only those who value it.
I had fun choosing colours and trimming for these. The baby pink was my first choice and I totally love the colour, very very baby pink!!Edging for pink and lavender are from the Needle n thread Magazine and rest are my own patterns, not so fancy but simple ones.

I did embroidery on one of the corner. Pink was my favourite among these so gave a lavish flower motif for that.I like this motif very much and I'm saving this for another project.

.. I was all tired after that. So the rest were done in very simple patterns. Her initial 'R' and some flowers, a bow  snatched from this pattern and one sheet I kept it plain.
And this pair of pink booties is what I gave to her when we went home last time. I made this on the morning we reached home, all in a hurry , cos I desperately wanted to give her something made by myself.  This week we are going home again and I am ready with my gifts for her, but still not ready with "order" by her elder sister, the big monster, my God daughter. She wants a pillowcase, sorry 2 pillowcases, with a duckie and bunny embroidered on it. I am yet to start with it. And where did she get the idea from? I shall tell you later.
So until then
Take Care


  1. Lovely gifts! I'm sure they'll be well used & treasured!

  2. Is it not a pleasure to make stuff for people who appreciate it!
    Love all the adorable sheets . The embroidery work is impeccable! You are going to be their fav aunt I'm sure :))

  3. Very very pretty, the pink n purple one especially! Am sure your gifts will be well received and enjoyed :)

  4. wow..that is too pretty Ninu. Try an applique of ducklings with fusible web ..it is a quick finish than embroidery...and you can finish it fast...do the applique on machine...it's the best time for you to try applique too...good luck Ninu...i'm sure Anna mol will be happy.

  5. Lovely gifts and especially the booties, I love the color and pattern. Keep going...

  6. Lovely gifts for a baby, really special.

  7. Wow!! Ninu, they are all so... pretty. I am sure your niece is going to enjoy these gifts from her aunt.

  8. They all are so pretty! I do not think your SIL will ever be able to use them. Very nice embroidery and the colors for trimmings look so adorable. Cute pair of booties. Wow! :)

  9. wow... lovely edgings.... i loved all the embroideries.... lovely

  10. "I made a decision long ago to give my hand mades only those who value it " - Surely an adorable decision...
    These items are really cute... Fine embroidery.. Waiting for the completed pillowcases...

  11. Oh those lovely pink flowers! Delightful.

  12. Ninu, these are lovely. I loved the booties the most! :-)

  13. Lovely Embroidery & crochet edgings..
    Love the neatness of ur work.
    Great work Ninu.

    I too echo your blogging blocks.. I face them more often than I wish to..

    Have a great time.

  14. Love the sheets, embroidery n most of all the edgings! Super!

  15. Lovely...your works are so beautiful :)


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