Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Colour Burst Bag

Hello everyone,
How you all doing? its been some time right? I dont know where time goes these days, really wanted to post  about my new crafty trials , but I  dont get time to take proper pictures now and I dont like posts without any pics, do you? :D There are a lot of things, small and big, to show you all, and nowI shall show you my colour  burst bag 
 The whole idea came while arranging my stash. The bag is hugely , heavily inspired from the crochet bag by Lucy and Spikes Strike by Sanhita, its a mix of these two and something from my head.When I saw all the colours these two bags came to my mind and next day itself I started working on it. The base and body were done in no time but stayed as UFO for many days to get straps and other things.
The straps and base are the only portion which is colour coordinated. I usually take time to choose colours for all my projects(I think that shows too) but here no, I didnt. I just took the colours randomly and was not happy with it ant first look. But looking at it many times,I think I started liking my bag.I can carry it off quite easily!
The straps were done with a long chain and dc on it, then 2 rounds of sc's . Then sewn onto the bag , put flowers to hide the stitching and I've lined the bag ( not came neatly,and thts why no pic of that, have to redo that).I really am not good with making bags and always scared of doing it, now I think after making this one I gained a bit confidence. 
Project Details
Base for the bag:  here

Body: double crochet all around
Flowers:  Flowers
Yarn: Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook: 4mm
Size : 13" x 11"

so thats it about the post, will come soon with another adventure of mine.
Till then
Take care


  1. How very colorful and summery it looks! Loved it Ninu :)

  2. A very colorful and happy Summer Bag.. Hugs Judy

  3. This bag is so colorful and will be fun to take out for your crochet stuff

  4. Ninu, that's a lovely bag!! Very cheerful colours there!

  5. More than the bag Iam drooling at your stash..yum..yum :)

  6. It is gorgeous Ninu . Right use of colours

  7. I think it looks very pretty and it's useful as well!!

  8. Very colorful bag and with out a doubt a Lucy bag :)

  9. Lovely colors, I envy your yarns!!!

    I can understand how sometimes it is so hard to keep up with our blogs. If only I can blog everyday, I will...

  10. Indeed this is real colour blast Ninu!how cheerful in bright colours!!!hugs, Minichechy

  11. Hi Ninu!!Very beautiful bag with fantastic colours!!I love it!!!
    I will be very happy to see you on my blog too!!!
    Kisses!!Sophie from Greece!!

  12. Are you selling these? interested to buy :D
    please lemme know :)


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