Friday, 28 June 2013

Neat Ripple

Hi everyone,
How you all doing? My week was great,Little miss is active now, she started to move around, stands with support and speaks in her own language like 'Gleba'(F.R.I.E.N.D.S) LOL.I found time n mind to clean up my crafty space and its neat n tidy now n' I feel good about myself.   Do you remember me saying about the Neat Ripple Blanket for a friend's baby? forget it..well, if you follow my facebook page then this picture would be familiar to you. I post more pictures there these days.
This Ripple baby blanket was made for my friend's baby months ago. this was one of the first projects after coming to Bangalore. I wanted to give a handmade for the baby and I had a good collection of babysoft yarn. So a crochet blanket was the right option that time.I wanted to try this pattern, n' chose neutral colours. The pattern is easy to follow n remember. I crocheted whenever I got time, this project was kept easily accessible.I gave a single crochet edging,I dint want to do lavish edging n' by that  time I got a feeling tht baby waiting for this to get completed for her arrival, funny right?? more funnier thing is  I got the message on the her arrival that evening after I wrapped up this project. yeah, strange but true.
Me being lazy, forgot to take the pic of this blanket opened, so I asked the new Mamma to take whenever she could. She sent me the pictures last week.She loved this blanket and I am happy and content myself.

Project Details:
Pattern: Neat Ripple Pattern
Yarn: Vardhman Babysoft
Hook: 4mm
Before leaving let me show you the beautiful thing I am working on right now.
I loved making these pretty things and more about that in the next post.
Take care 


  1. as usual u r rocking ninu.... happy to hear about your naughty kutty paapa... hugs to her

  2. It is a lovely blanket with pretty and soft colors!! Waiting to see what you make with those beautiful flowers.

  3. Yes Ninu, i remember the ripple blanket that you posted on looks lovely..perfect baby colour...loved your pretty flowers too..looking forward to see what you are going to do with it.

  4. Good color combo. Adorable gift.... The flowers are beautiful.. Waiting for your next post...

  5. Pretty! Like the colors and the simple striping!

  6. Lovely colour combo. Would you like know where you got the yarn from?

    1. yarn is from local stores in Bangalore.Its Vardhman

  7. Could you please share detail of shop(s) you got the yarn from?


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