Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hoop Frame- Baby Angel

I made a few pretty things for my baby when I was pregnant,most of them still haven't made an appearance here and this is one among them. I love Hoop Frames, I think its simple, easy to make and has a beauty of its own.

I wanted to make a pillow for her with angels in red work, but I was put on bed rest when everything was ready. Sewing machine was out of reach by then. That time while turning pages of the CrossStitcher magazine I saw some pictures of hoop frames and it was hung with ribbon. I loved that fashion and decide to make one similar. When Doctor allowed me  I took  hoop,needle n' thread and embroidered this cute lil angle playing violin.I totally love this, with the ribbon tie, it has got some glamour too..The baby angel to watch over her!
Pattern: Angel violin
Hoop is from Pony
We were enjoying some rainy monsoon-y days in Kerala last week and now back here in Bangalore. There's so much happening in my craft room now and soon shall be posting about it if my lil angel allows me to sit in front of the comp and Internet is break free. Happy crafting!
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