Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chevron Blankie

Hello everyone,
How are you all today?  I am glad that I am back here in a weeks time n' I ve started reading n checking out my favourite blogs too. Glad that Internet is working proper these days. My lil girl is turning one next month, I cant believe it though. But its nice and fun when they start to respond, she started saying small words,explore and inspect everything around home ,we play a lot ,we go out almost everyday in the evening to a nearby park ,grab some fresh air, play a little and she will be all tired reaching home.♥ ing life!!
After making blankets for friends' babies, I wanted to make one for my dear too. I had some other patterns in mind until I saw this. Sadly I havent mastered knitting yet, I am trying but. Hope I start to knit before this year ends. I loved large chevrons and found similar pattern in crochet, the colours used there is amazing too.
Immediately I start this blanket, I had this yarn which I am not that fond of. I bought it for another purpose, but it splits heavily and its difficult when there's a lot of cut n join. The good thing is its incredibly soft n colours are lovely and perfect for this project.The pattern is very easy, I loved the finish, its smooth, soft and pastel.

Now that I am not scared of large projects, I want to make large throw/playmat for her. As usual, confused about pattern , colours and yarn.
Project Details:
Pattern: Large Stripe Chevron Blanket
Yarn: Nako Saten
Hook: 4mm
Size:30 x 32 inches.

I have made another tab here 'Free crochet patterns' compiling all the free patterns I did, check it out and do write in, I love hearing from you.
Till next time
Take care
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  1. It's a pretty blanket with lovely colors! I too thought of ordering this yarn from pony craft store but after your feedback I have to think about it again.

    1. Preeti, there are some amazing yarns from Pony. this particular one I dont suggest.

  2. This is Wonderful. I'm always scared to do big projects but wishing to make 1 soon lets see :-)
    Love the soft colors and the neat stitches.
    Great Job :-)

  3. Such a pretty blanket. I really like the combination of colours. Hope the birthday is awesome :)

  4. wow that is a very pretty blanket - the colours you've used really compliment each other. Have a creative weekend x

  5. the blanket is gorgeous, I love the colours.

  6. Awesome blanket! Love the combination of colors.

    Here's my FO:

  7. That is a very pretty blanket it, and it looks so neatly done too!

  8. Wow what a beautiful blanket!

  9. Lovely colors! Visiting from My Merry Messy Life.


  10. Beautiful blanket - great job! I love the soft colors you used but yet they're not the traditional pastels.

  11. nice

  12. Very nice blanket - you have certainly mastered this one...I also have not mastered knitting. :-)

    Happy Birthday to the little one!

  13. Olá amiga, tenho um blog sobre artes em geral, o Agulha e Tricot by Tita Carré, já visitastes?
    Adoro teu blog, sempre tem coisas lindas,
    já estou te seguindo,beijokas

  14. Wow.. Nice blankieee..Love the colors too. I am working on a blanket too.. yessss baby is to arrive in a couple of weeks. Will try this pattern too :)

  15. Beautiful blanket with pleasing colors and pattern

  16. Nice finish... Hanna....happy with amma's creation...right?

  17. Nice color combinations. When I make blankets I pretty much stick with one color because I'm not that good at choosing multiple colors. But yours are really pretty in this adorable blanket. Nice job!


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