Monday, 19 August 2013

Double side potholders

 Happy Monday!
Splash of colours to brighten up the blog which looks so dry, dull and unattended.These are some double side potholders/hot pads which definitely going to give some brightness to home.
 I wanted to make some potholders,thts in my list for long time, some to adorn the kitchen wall and some for the real use..And there were some cotton yarn leftovers too. And I chose lemony colours first,loved the outcome and made another  reversing colours.Then came the idea of joining two(these were meant for the 'useful' category) so that I dont need any backing/lining n could roughly weave the yarn ends.So I removed the final sc's round and did it again by holding the two rounds back to got it right ??
And I tried some more colour combos. you cannot stop at one!!.I loved trying diff colours,oh I love it love it and love it!!.Next pic is the reverse side of these.This definitely falls into instant gratification project.

Project Details:
Pattern: from my head
Yarn: Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook: 4mm

I have some more plans for home-decor.Crochet being the only craft I do these days with the baby around,I think the many things in the list stay there itself for some more time. But some more crochet finishes are coming up.Watch out please!
Till Next time
Take care
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  1. How we love instant gratification projects!! They are colorful and will look great in your kitchen

  2. Your potholders look very vibrant and cheerful!! Neat work!!

  3. Your potholders are all so lovely Ninu! I always adore your projects. Same here, there are so many things to do that I think will stay in the list for a long time. Take care my friend!

  4. Lovely pot holders! So colorful on any table.. I surely understand what you mean by crocheting with a kid around.. Easiest and safest too...unless its not metallic hooks :)

  5. Lovely potholders Ninu :-)Really love the cheery colors u have used.
    I wanted to do something like this for my kitchen for a long time. I had planned for the Flower Potholder and never happened.
    Will do something similar soon...
    Great job. They really brighten up the day :-) Blog :-) and obviously the kitchen :-)

  6. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Annemarie's.


  7. Your are so talented. Your creations are just beautiful. I love the fun colors you chose.

  8. Beautiful creations.. love your all works. Thank you for sharing this nice hand made home decor.


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