Monday, 14 October 2013

My pretty Doilies

Hello everyone,
How you'll doing? Its true, I cannot update this space properly. Past few weeks I dint even try it also, I feel guilty when I still get comments for some old posts here.Fact is I am more than happy with my facebook page which I can manage somewhat effortlessly. But somewhere within me I regret  when i neglect this space which kept me going once. So I am back here showing off some of my Pretty Doilies.

Craft wise I am fully active and now I focus on my thread-crochet especially doilies.Making doilies never tire me.  I am hooked to this book 'My crochet Laces' by Yoko Suzuki(which was a gift by my SIL). I love almost every patterns in this book, it has got many many pretty pretty filet crochet patterns which I am yet to try. I started with some doilies which I loved totally. Let the pictures speak.
 Another thing I loved here is all the patterns are in diagrams and there is a brief written bit too. Crocheting with diagrams was always Greek to me, here I had this written pattern to clear my doubts and now I changed to other side, I think in written pattern simple things can become complex. :P
 This particular pattern which was my first choice among doilies, I already made this in red and white too. A

 I love the oval centre here.These doilies are good in size too, it all come up to16-17 inches in size.
 These patterns I rate  between easy- intermediate range.
I recommend this book if you love thread crochet. I already posted these pics on my facebook page, so some of you are familiar with these. Others,  please do write what you think about these pretty things.
til next time
Take care


  1. all the doilies are pretty.... i would like to have the book

  2. I have this book too:) all the doilies are so pretty but the purple is my fav 😊

  3. Love your doilies especially the purple one.. Pretty

  4. Lovely! The books sounds very interesting xoxo

  5. Wow!! That's a treasure of doilies for me :) all of them are beautiful and lovely and the colors are lovely too:)
    I love making them whenever I cannot think of any specific project. I don't know even if I need these many ... I still have less stock so there is room for many to crochet.


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