Thursday, 7 November 2013

Christmas Amaryllis Doily to start off

Hi all,
So that time of the year comes, where we see those specific colours everywhere ,and in blogosphere now  whichever blog I check has something to do with Red, green n white. I've also started some preparations and this is my first finish for this season. The Red Amaryllis Doily. was my on-the-go website until I discovered Ravelry.Some nostalgia brought me back there and I found this pretty doily when I searched for Christmas patterns.I loved the design and start off immediately.

The pattern is lovely except that its missing a lovely edging, but after its blocked you wont notice it at all. Blocking really gives the neat finish to every doily. This is how I pinned it on the blocking board after soaking in water with a lil bit of starch.

I loved it totally and happy with the final finish, very delicate,sharp n' lacy and this one I am keeping for myself. Gearing up for some more Christmas creations and will be back here soon.

Project Details:
Pattern: Christmas Amaryllis Doily
Hook: 1.5mm steel hook
Thread: Anchor Red heart size 20.
Size: 12 inches point to point.

Until next time
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  1. Lovely doily!! The red shade is perfect!!
    I do not starch my doilies. I just soak and block ...Anchor threads already are a bit crisp.

  2. Simply cute.... LLove the christmas red...

  3. Such a festive doily! I need to make a doily very soon as i see so many lovely patterns floating on-line..

  4. Beautiful doily. I agree, you don't always need an edging.

  5. beautiful doily It is in my to do list for a long time. I wish I can make one for this Christmas.

  6. Lovely Doily..
    Yeah before Ravelry, I have spent hours looking for doily patterns in Free patterns.
    I have downloaded so many pdfs and renamed them with the doily names :-)
    Really nostalgic !!!

  7. Lovely Doily Ninu:-)
    I too love Free Pattern for their doily & decorative stuff patterns.


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