Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Garden Doily.

 hello everyone,
How you all doing? started preps to welcome baby Jesus? We have and its going in a slow pace. This year I'm focusing more on our own home decor than gifting.I realised the fact that our home doesn't have much of my handmades and made up my mind to make for our home first and then gifting. I really really hope I get time for everything.
And this is my second doily for the season, my festive Christmas garden, a beautiful pattern and a beautiful doily, yes, I am saying it myself.. I love the outcome..
I still remember the beautiful doily made by a friend on the Ravelry meet and how I loaded questions to her about the pattern. A few days later she had to sent me a mail asking for my address that she had an extra copy of the book. Happy me!  After getting the book i attempted this pattern a few times, but it was not getting right.
I left it then n there and dint ask anyone about it until recently i saw the doily on Nima's page. She was also going through the same mistake. The overconfident me dint notice the ' fasten off' in between the rounds.

After she pointed out the mistake i decided to make it in red and green and was waiting for the right time to start off. Once i started it was growing beautifully and big.I was a lil doubtful that it would be too much of red, that it grew larger than i expected it to be. But the green edging made it look pretty i think.
Anyway I am really happy with this attempt and totally loved this doily.Such a beautiful pattern and moves really fast. I was playing with my camera after a long time and loved how pictures came out.. still a lot more, but there is a limit of showing off!! right??

Project Details.
Pattern : Pineapple Garden from the book Pineapple Doilies by Leisure Arts.
Hook: 1.5mm steel hook
Thread: Anchor Mercerised Crochet cotton size 20.
Size:  26 x 14.5 inches

Until next time
Have fun and Take care 


  1. It is a gorgeous doily Ninu...with green and red combo edging made it lovely...Beautiful pictures too

  2. its absolutely gorgeous! I have the pattern too, seeing yours I want to make it too, but I have a long list of to do s like this. How is Hannah kutty taking in all the preps?

  3. Beautiful ninu. Nice color combo. Very attractive.

  4. I have seen this in your FB.. Hanna's Poova Doily looks so pretty...


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