Friday, 29 November 2013

Snowflake bed runner and Cushions

I don't remember the last time i did some sewing other than hemming the edges. I avoided reaching towards the sewing machine with the baby and slowly there came a serious sewing-phobia. I wanted to do some, but the sight of the machine-ruler-cutter, the fear arises and i slowly change my plans and happily go to other room with my hook and thread. yes, there was some phobia.

Seeing beautiful projects around, i wanted to overcome my fear towards it and then Nima posted this tutorial for an easy runner. Luckily she made the runner with this beautiful snowflake printed fabric i gifted and i have the same with me too, otherwise i would have wasted another month searching for the right fabric and eventually dropping the whole plan. yeah that happens quite often for me :P

So I decided to the runner, started to cut the fabric, the baby woke up, put it there for some more days and finally done with the sewing after scrolling up n down the tutorial umpteen times.(Nima was asking me whether her tutorial was difficult when i said this, No Nima, its my difficulty I'm overcoming.) I cannot tell the happiness when i was done with it. Thanks that technology is so advanced that we can share the pics on a click so that i could share my happiness.

After a few days again an idea blinked , to put this as bed runner for the plain biscuit coloured bed sheet for our guest bed room. I bought this bed sheet thinking of an off-white colour but after coming back home i realised it was not the one i wanted. Sitting in the cup board for more than a year now, it also now put to use.

So i made another runner, that was done very fast and then later that evening i did the cushions.The cushions is not the perfect finish, but not entirely a flop one also.. Its two pieces joined together with zip at one end. The lil one was with me on my lap when i was finishing these with good concentration.. She still says "haaaaiiii" on the sight of these beauties. What more could I ask for???

And i took some extra time for the pics for an extra dose of happiness, and very pleased to see these beauties in a different way.

So if you want to sew an easy runner with mitered corners, please check this tutorial, this is one of the best picture tutorial that came across my path. And she has a neat tutorial for reverisble runner too if you want. Check it out.

See you soon
Take care


  1. I love the runners and pillows and I love it even more in your guest room. What a great idea!

  2. Beautiful Ninu ! i am going to do one too !!!!

  3. Hats off for your great effort Ninu, with a baby assisting you, i know how difficult it is to sew..Gorgeous pictures as always

  4. Nice trial... Done well.... Last pic is fabulous...

  5. What a fun fabric for the holidays! Nice job and your doilies from the previous posts are just so lovely!


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