Thursday, 20 March 2014

In 2014

Just realised that its been almost four months since an update here from my side. Hows 2014 going for everyone? For me its just okay okay, not tht great, not tht bad too.Now that I learnt to count on my blessings more, days are going happily and easily.

About my crafty rides, I started this year with a doily from my new book "Pineapple Lace with Complete Diagrams" with much enthusiasm, but it was a tough ride all through,  after a certain stage the pattern went dead slow and I almost lost interest in working on it.. The only reason I took an effort completing the doily is I did not want the first project this year to go into WIP box.

The doily came out quite pretty and large after blocking. I decided to keep it myself  but gave to my Mom last time I went home. 

I wanted to sew curtains ever since I bought sewing machine. Somehow for certain things there s always a mind block.( like I simply cannot make a wearable. I really want to make dresses for my lil one , but its not happening!) And one fine day, when my baby was asleep, I suddenly decided to make curtains and it dint take too much time although there were hiccups in the start. I wanted and all-white thing, but there was not enough fabric and  later put the red polka fabric in between. its just the basic method , but I am happy when I see these in my drawing room. I really really hope I can overcome all my fear towards sewing gradually. 
This year I am totally into making head bands, at least till today, new ideas are pouring in and my google searches are also about these things mostly.  I started making one for my lil one for Christmas and later it became more of an addiction. I think I have to take count of the finished ones now,seriously!
Will post more about my hair accessories in next post. I really do not want to leave this space unattended, will come back soon. 
Till next time
Take care