Friday, 8 August 2014

Ring basket pillow

Hello friends, 
Long time!! Im tired of writing all my excuses for not updating here. And I cannot give any promises. Today I really want to tell about this ring basket pillow I made for my bro;s betrothal . something special for me. I couldn't take any pics of it as all the finishing touches were made the day before the betrothal. 

 I wanted to make the ring basket and asked my Mom not to buy it. Then after some researches zeroed in doily basket. But I never knew this could give me sleepless nights.Had a few failures before getting into the final thing as u see in the picture. In the first attempt i made a doily with white and silver thread and starched it with a bowl inside wrapping with cling film(thts how I saw in one of the tutorial) somehow It dint hold the shape as I wanted to and the serious issue was removing the cling film from the basket. The film was attached to the doily and I had to tear it and it looked so bad after all the tearing and some bits n pieces of the film was on the doily basket itself. Still not sure if its the starch or the quality of cling film the reason for it. No need to mention it looked yuck!
 Dropped tht plan and the next one, I took a small cane oval shaped basket, stuffed inside and  covered with a white handwork net (leftover fabric of a dress) My idea was to put beads and woodrose flowers around. But after the stuffing it looked a little big for the ring basket and hiding the sides was also a problem..Another failure!. Then I took a candle holder glass and crocheted a jacket with gold thread with an nice edging, but it looked too small for the purpose.

 With only a week to the D-day, I decided to give another go on the doily basket. This time made a doily in rust gold thread and heavily starched with a small bowl cling film used this time. After a day it was not tht much stiff but yes, it was holdsing onto the shape.I brushed starch to the leaf part two more times and it was ready.
 I made a small cushion with an offwhite fabric with stuffing along with some pebbles for weight. It was then attached to the pillow sewing by hand. I tried to put stuffing directly and covering the top part with a fabric, not only the top part dint get a round shape but also the sides were looking really bad.

Then the embellishment time, I had these silver buds and thought of painting it with gold, but hey!! the gold paint went hiding, I searched in nearby shops and everywhere they stocked silver paint but not gold! Okay, no options left other than using what I had. I put some flowers and buds around and whatsapped to my friend Nima and Tintu and some whatsapp buddies. They were okay with it and Nima suggested to put pearls along with flowers. And I used the pearls around it to create a round shape to it. Used hot glue with glue gun to stick the buds and flowers to it.
 I put the satin lace after reaching my home and couldn't take a picture of the whole thing. The first picture is by the official photographer.

  Although the whole basket sounds simple, to get to the final thing I had to struggle a lot and I was so so totally happy with it. Everyone liked it too. I made a wedding ring pillow also, I couldn't take the pics of it . yet to get the pics.
The wedding functions went nice and good. And we are back here at our home and settled. hope to update this space often.
Take Care