Friday, 10 October 2014



Its always a happiness when you achieve something which you always think not-achievable,not-doable by you. I ve never thought myself in a place I am right now, never ever. I ve not mentioned it here that I have started a local business on my handmades and especially on hair accessories under the brand Tiara. Its my baby who has given me the direction towards it and in a very right way. I am happy n thrilled that I started it.

 And when her second birthday was approaching,(yes, 2nd!! how time flies!!) I wanted to make her something special.was a little clueless and several ideas were coming and was not zeroing on anything. Then I saw a flower crown in a shop, I almost fainted seeing the price! And as always I checked how its made( another problem of having a creative mind), i thought i'd give it a try. I had these flowers already, bought from the craft shop in my native just because of the prettiness,without any idea in mind.

Her dress I got it stitched and it looked a little plain , I thought i would embroider something on the sash, but as always dint get time for it , and then i remembered a friend saying about these kind of belts on girls dresses. I tried it immediately before my mind plans something else, and I was soooo happy how it turned out. 
 After the belt part was done , I knew what should be her hair accessory. Of course a Tiara. I used the same white n pink flowers combo n added silver buds in between. There is a pink sheer bow in the back. It was easier  than I thought. And its a beautiful piece showing your creative mind. My princess loved wearing it , when i was dressing her she asked me to put the Tiara on her head and was sad when I removed it. Yes, she tried to explore whats there, but still she was super happy!!Tell me your view on this.

 hows your craft life going? What are you working on? have anyone started with the Christmas crafts?I have joined a CAL on snowflakes, it was going smoothly when we started and now in hibernating.
I hope to write here soon. Till next time
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  1. haha..... this is so beautiful.... me too came without buying saying to myself " i can make it myself"

  2. that was a pretty cute start Ninu...Tiara looks too pretty


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