Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another year ends..

I truly thank God for the wonderful year it has been. truly blessed for it has given lots of happiness, opportunities, challenges, friends. yes it brought its share of sadness of too , then its life!
Craft wise also it was a great year, My store is also doing really well. 
Here are some of pics of  my crafty-artsy 2014 which I haven't posted here.

Jute wrapped bottles and doily frame, my favourite.

 Happy crochet flower clips.

Adorable crochet booties

The pineapple doily runner which was a part of CAL with nima.I was too lazy to blog about it tht time, but I am really happy that she is a friend of mine and I enjoy CAL's with her.

Another doily along with Nima, which I decided to keep it for myself and now this is the base for most of my photo shoots.

crochet flower hairbands

Christmas hoop frames

 Snowflakes & Angels

Most favourite red snowflake garland

 Christmas themed hairbands

Christmas themed crochet clips

 Last,The most sold hair band in the store.

I am very much looking forward to 2015 now.Wishing everyone a happy 2015.

Take Care