Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In two weeks two weeks there's not much of progress in my craft room except for that its cleaned and somewhat arranged properly! yes, I have started sooo many things lately but none of them into a finished final product! I hope by end of January I get some finished products in my hands. I am working on spring/summer theme now and all reds greens are taken back including all the Christmas decorations!
 Now going on with the picture a day

9/1 relaxing after cleaning my craft table. phewww!!!

10/1 Doll hanging from jute cottage. Shop finds! fabulous work with a neat crochet edging.

11/1 Decor changed , all Christmas decorations are taken back and more of blue now!
12/1 back to work, in process of making some Tiaras
13/1 Crochet flower wreaths in the making!

Its mid of another week and I hope to finish some of WIP's i started this year soon! Hows your craft life going?Wishing everyone a very good day! 
take care


  1. Nice photos. Changing the decor of the home makes us to feel fresh. Waiting eagerly to see the finished works.

  2. that doll... the tiara is eye catching....yes cleaning is the hard part for me.... lot of pending works fully packed in my mind don't know where to start???????

  3. It has been ages since i visited your blog...nice to read your blog and and see your wip. hope you will get more time for blogging


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