Monday, 9 February 2015

cuteness overaload!

Hey all,
I admit that my appearance here will be limited as I have very very busy days and I am not getting time to sit n write unless I change my current routine. Today I feel soo lazy, have lots of cleaning to do and I am not in a mood. Most times cleaning n rearranging are therapeutic to me but not today. I am soo soo lazy today.
 Lately I was trying on barefoot sandals, this was in queue for long long time but was a little doubtful of the outcome, mostly about the fit. I have a few friends with new born babies n I gave these to one of them and when she sent the picture back, oh my!! they look sooo cute. I love it. I have plans to make some for my store too.
My craft table is very active this year so far and I am enjoying it a lot! Except for a few days like this life is awesome! My Photo a day is progressing on my instagram, its alot easier there.
 So till next time
Take care


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