Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A much needed break!

Yes,I am on a break. break from the business I was doing from all the household chores and it was much needed.

A travel came as a shocking news and there was no rest for me after that until we board the flight. I was too busy with cleaning the house , packing and finishing up my orders And in 3 weeks we are in UK. I had to wind up my business for a few weeks but not closing it , have already made some plans.I am a strong believer in God and i believe everything happens for a reason and for our good only. 

We are not settled fully  and i am enjoying lazy time .. i really feel this break was really needed. There's some crochet happening but im not stretching myself. There are quite a lot of things we miss from our Bangalore life especially the 2-3 evening hours we spent  out with our neighbours and kids which was there in our daily routine for last 1.5 yrs. but I am not complaining or there's no point in complaining. 

Without some crafty updates my post wont be complete. There is this summer beanie cap  which I made last month and she wanted a pink flower, that was the only demand luckily! Finished this two days before our travel and she loves wearing it. And the weather here demands for a beanie too. 

And this is one project on my hook now, a ribbed scarf in shades of blue. This project was in my list for last 2 years. I am enjoying making handmades for family. 
Ok, thats all news here, I am back to blogging .
See you all soon
Take care


  1. Good to see you back blogging... This is the most deserved break Ninu ...enjoy the break and get back to business soon

    1. Thank you Nima, I think Im here to stay

  2. wow... good to see you back... yes there are situations like this..... but happy to see you enjoying your time.... i like the quote that you are a strong believer..... enjoy your happy days... and that beanie is cute...

    1. Hi Arul, Thanks a lot for commenting!off to your space.

  3. Oh I'm just now seeing the news of u being in Uk!!!
    Everything works out for the best Ninu.
    Little sugar cube is v cute in her hat


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