Thursday, 4 June 2015

A new start

A new month, a new start. I ve been thinking of making an afghan /lapghan for long time. One in my big list of to-do's. When I was packing my bags, I packed these pretty colours of yarn with the intention of making one. 

I was doing an all round cleaning in the house in  March-April including my craft room,little did i know that there 's a travel coming and i really thanked God later.  I threw out a lot of trash and re arranged all cupboards. I gave away a giant bag of yarn to some friends coz of storage issues , yes I'm a hoarder. I normally work with cotton and thread for my business and I did not see myself using that much quantity of  acrylic yarn in another year but saved just these with the intention of a blanket inspired by the colours of coastal ripple blanket by Lucy. I do not have exact shades but that blanket is my inspiration.

There are 5 different shades of blue, off white,dark green,dark grey and dark cream. I chose cosy stripe pattern for this, I liked it and did not spend more time searching for more patterns and wasting more time. The progress is quite good in four days. I am loving the shades already. Blue is my most favourite colour, I like pinks , yellow and all jewel tones but if you ask me the favourite, its blue. Coming days I will open my craft bag so you can expect more crafty finishes from me.
See you soon and happy weekend!


  1. Hi... nima... nice color combos... and when things are cleaned.... really its a great feeling.... eager to see the finished afghan.....

    1. Thank you arul, yes when its clean we feel happy! Ninu

  2. Cozy stripe blanket is coming up nicely. Good shade of colors. I too love to make blankets though it will not be used that much bcoz of the climate in our place. But this year I made one as a cal and I am going to finish it. Lucy's blankets are all in my to do list. waiting to see your crafty finishes. Have a happy weekend.

    1. Thank you Shami. we have mild winter in bangalore so it wont be a waste. I love seeing handmades all around my home.


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