Friday, 26 June 2015

Creative space!

Its been a very busy week here . I was all in vacation jolly lazy mood till last week and at times a little low. The sudden change from the busy schedule, I was almost clueless. I think I am back on routine , the week was awesome and I am making most use of time. The little madam got some friends and I am relieved! 
 I finished the crochet part on my coastal Lapghan, now after one week i still got no time to block it. I used blues  and cream on the edging and its pretty!

I have never given proper edging on my blankets , I never bothered much about it. Now I changed my outlook, a proper edging on the blanket makes it more beautiful and gives definition to the whole thing.

 And this week its busy with making flowers and thinking about new designs . This is the work in progress which is mostly pinks and purples. I love making it and enjoy the whole process.

I am reading another book, but again night reads. Happy that I restarted another hobby of mine which took backseat in last few years.


  1. The lapghan is very beautiful. Flowers are also nice. Great going.

  2. Your blanket is gorgeous !!:) and the colorful flowers look very cute!!
    I have taken a Goodreads challenge of 2 books per month. I started off well but from last month I am falling behind. I love reading books. May be you can update on Goodreads what all you have read so far.

  3. wow...blanket looks lovely with the beautiful edging..

  4. Blanket is gorgeous... i love the blue color... and the flowers... what you are going to do with that???? :)


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