Monday, 15 June 2015

Happy Monday

We're slowly settling down , somehow without Internet n' TV  life's too boring especially when you are isolated from dear n near. Luckily weather is nice and we get to go out whenever we want. Oh! Thats a blessing!!  

And  I opened my craft bag. yayyy!! and see the mess I made. The sight of these make me happy. I am thinking of some new designs for the store. The thinking and planning part is very difficult, fun part comes later when we execute it. I hope i can come with something new soon. Lil one is at home full day and I get 2 hours myself when she sleeps.So my craft time is kind of very less when compared to what it was in India where she had lots of friends and school.

But I made good progress with the lapghan , one more round of all colours and I can start with edging. I thought i could finish crochet part by today, but in between bitten by another bug :Reading . Usually I am a slow reader and takes book only at bed time, but if something very interesting comes I can read it at one go. And I loved the new book I started ' The Help ' and I took all the free time I got for reading it. The movie based on this book is also a favourite of mine. This is the second book I completed reading this year. I started many and stopped when i lost interest in it. Life's too short to read not so interesting books!

Thats it for today.
Catch you all soon.


  1. Πολύ όμορφα πλεκτά λουλούδια!!!

  2. Lovely laphghan. The mess u have is also inspiring. So many flowers.

  3. Your lapghan and colorful crochet pieces are beautiful!!:)
    Keep yourself engaged in crafting activities while you feel low missing your near ones and take care at new place. I am sure you will make new friends very soon:)

  4. oh wow... love to see the mess.... many flowers... eager to see how they turnout... finished a book.... lovely.. enjoy your time

  5. Aww I know that feeling. Crafts will keep you occupied. I have seen The Help and loved it too. Not read the book tho

  6. Good to see your beautiful mess Ninu...


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