Friday, 17 July 2015

Summer of '15

I've become that busy lady again, but not much of crafts or crochet this time, I am busy enjoying summer here . haha! nothing like that, but I like to phrase it that way. My always high toddler makes me enjoy the beautiful weather here. 

This time I terribly miss Bangalore and my mind always go back there. But then I think, I came in the right time, beautiful weather , lovely places . I should enjoy this and we started exploring this small town. We - the little one n myself. 

I love walking and I used to walk a lot. After she was born, I put a lot of my favourite things to back seat and now she herself make me restart all those things. I have started walking, with her in the stroller.We go for evening walks regularly if its not raining, weekends we three of us go together. . 

We have covered almost all the parks nearby and its beautiful to walk in this lovely weather. I am glad she enjoys it as much as I do.In India we have hot summer throughout the year, sometimes not so bearable , so we are forced to sit inside. Here though the sun goes a little up ,it doesnt matter to us.

The flowers are in full blooms and lots of colours everywhere , its such a sight! Somedays we get company from our friends to make it merrier. My crochet obviously is in back seat now , where I can work only tht 1.5-2 hours when she sleeps. Though I ve made a big list of things for me myself , now my priority is for the business. Without a dedicated craft room/craft table its difficult, but I am managing it well I think though it takes a lot of time everyday to search n set up.

Thats how life goes here in this small world of ours. I hope everyone is having a good time. See you all next time
Take care


  1. So colorful. Enjoy it. Good luck for your business.

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful time there!

  3. Enjoying the new place,eh? :) Its raining cats and dogs here.

  4. Hi Ninu,

    Hope you are all settled by now! Been a long time. Lovely post. And btw, my daughter still wears the flower clip I bought from you :-)

  5. Good to read your lovely post with gorgeous pics... Glad to see you are enjoying the new place.

  6. Colorful pic! Best of luck with your business.

  7. nice ti hear such things from you ninu.... so much colors... enjoying ur life huh.... i remember a quote while reading this " Life is full of beautiful things... yet o be discovered"


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