Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Season s changing, colours are changing and its still beautiful! The lil miss started her nursery and there s a two hours me time for me. The weather is getting cold and I am thinking of some cold-crochet stuffs!
Saw these style craft yarns in a store on the trip made to the town we stayed some time back. Grabbed these colours , want to know whats special about this yarn, after hearing all ooh-aah-wows from everywhere.



  1. Lovely choice of colours , Ninu ! what's on the sleeve ?
    Enjoy your stay !

    1. hey its just scarfs n things like that. I am too bad with any kind of wearables. this yarn is something else.super like!

  2. Lovely collection of accessories in your Etsy store Ninu. All the Best :-)


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