Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wreaths DIY for Christmas'15

Hello everyone,
Hows the Christmas preps going on! I love this season, we having a peaceful time now. I've decided to take a rest from all busy things this christmas time and enjoy it fully! usually I will be busy with something or other during the entire 25 days and even after that. This year I am taking it slowly and its quite good.
I ve made three wreaths this time and thats the only major DIY this year apart from a few teeny weeny things.
I have mentioned in my previous post how I made these. These are yarn wrapped wreaths. One room I have given blue n white theme and living room is usual red-green-gold theme. I like blue white,every year I want to do that,but then I miss red-gold and I change the idea. This year I decided to do both themes like this way and its nice. 

The snowflakes I crocheted using this pattern .
I glued the snowflakes on the yarn wrapped foam using glue gun. I addded a lil crafter's glue at centre and sides of snowflakes and dusted a lil glitter powder there to have that extra sheen. Then these snowflakes buttons are glued on the sides ,lastly tied silver bells around it. Ta -dah!
This I made on the go without thinking/planning much, but I am so happy about the look and this is my favourtie among the three.
And lastly my pinecone wreath. This dint come the way I wanted , but not bad either. These pine cones I picked from park nearby . My little one and myself planned to paint these with colours/glitter, then I tried it myself  with two and realised its not a good indoor fun with a toddler so I kept it like that. And now its on the wreath.
I am so happy that I made these, I've been trying to make wreaths  last two years and it wasn't coming nice ,this year it shaped up really good. 
So hows it going with all of you. Wishing you a blessed Christmas!I hope I come up with another post on this season.
Till then
Take care