Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In two weeks two weeks there's not much of progress in my craft room except for that its cleaned and somewhat arranged properly! yes, I have started sooo many things lately but none of them into a finished final product! I hope by end of January I get some finished products in my hands. I am working on spring/summer theme now and all reds greens are taken back including all the Christmas decorations!
 Now going on with the picture a day

9/1 relaxing after cleaning my craft table. phewww!!!

10/1 Doll hanging from jute cottage. Shop finds! fabulous work with a neat crochet edging.

11/1 Decor changed , all Christmas decorations are taken back and more of blue now!
12/1 back to work, in process of making some Tiaras
13/1 Crochet flower wreaths in the making!

Its mid of another week and I hope to finish some of WIP's i started this year soon! Hows your craft life going?Wishing everyone a very good day! 
take care

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Photo a day 2015

I ve wanted to do this project for a long long time. I think this is the year. I've already started taking pics on my mobile camera and posting on Instagram. I love taking pictures and what I will be aiming is that small slice from each day.
Posting the pictures of 1st week of Jan.

1/1 New pair of methiyadi

2/1 Brightness on hook

3/1 MasalaDosa

4/1 New project, how its gonna be.

6/1 What I made for myself. A long zari silk chain with silver pendant which I used in college days

7/1 Playing with colours.

8/1 One week of crochet

I hope to upload pics here daily and to take better pics with my camera.Hows your new year going? Have you took any resoloutions? Well, I dont have any. I take resolutions whenever I feel I should do and do not wait for new year. So tell me if you like my pics.
And take care
until next time