Monday, 25 January 2016

Crochet flowers on canvas

Hey everyone,

Every crafter will have a big list of to do things always on their notebook, I'm no different. I add new things every now and then , and priorities also changes accordingly. Sometime back I planned to make a few home decor things according to colours I love. I listed down what all things to make, but then it stayed in the planning stage itself.
 There was this canvas frame(s) on the list , but couldnt finalise one design, I want to make a doily frame, applique , mosaic, painting, and so many other things. Then I put the whole idea aside and started planning something else.
 Today that canvas idea again came to my mind after dropping little one to school, I bought some acrylic paint from the store and gave it a try . Everything was done on the go. And here is the result.

I painted yellow acrylic paint on a plain canvas and glued flowers on it. I have a fairly good number of crochet flowers always, all leftovers after some projects I do. I wanted a very pastel yellow background but this is a little brighter for my likes. Everything selected on the go, I dint spend much time to select flowers and buttons.  But happy with the overall look and it was a good project for instant gratification. It took hardly one hour to assemble the whole thing and I'm sure I ll be making more canvas works from now on , based on my colour theme. 

  In between, I joined a  all year CAL on ravelry and I made this Katherine rose square  this month, The colours were chosen randomly but there is all possibility that I try same pattern on different colour combo. 

So how do you like my colourful post. Do let me know. 
So until next time
Take care

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy 2016!

Wishing everyone a very happy 2016! Wishing you all happiness and success for all your efforts!
Are you all back after vacation/holidays? Christmas was lovely and happy,we went for carols and midnight mass and it was really nice and peaceful followed by good food! We shopped crazily for boxing day and the little lady was the luckiest. We went for a trip to meet friends and family afterwards and it was a nice break for me. Little lady also had really good time with lots of games, fun , friends and very less sleep. And now we are back home, had proper rest and sleep for a day and started our work  from yesterday.
Thinking of last year, it was nice but had hiccups in between , but  it was a good year overall,craftwise too. But i made too many wips' towards the end of year which will be my priority this month. I forgot to show off (or too lazy to blog about it) my blanket for MICQ  - a mission to break the Guinness record for  worlds largest crochet blanket. I'm happy about it even though my contribution is just one. The ladies are working really hard and it inspires when you see the updates and pictures from the group. 

 I want to document this simple decoration i had for Christmas 2015. This is just pom pom hangings with some silver bells. This is the first time I made pom poms. Do you believe that? I find it very therapeutic. Now I want to make some pom pom garlands soon!

I used the yarn bits while shaping up pom pom as false snow for this glass baubles. it looks very cute to me.

I made some hair accessories too which will go live soon on FirstCry. I made these flowers for that purpose. I will post about my products soon. 
So till next time
take care and happy 2016!