Tuesday, 2 February 2016

World's largest crochet Blanket

Hey friends,

One month down in 2016 and I feel it went superfast! The first month brought so much happiness and a Guinness record for which I am part of .The record is for the Worlds largest crochet blanket which is 11148sqmt.It is on the name of the group 'Mother India's Crochet Queens'.

Its surely a proud moment and I really appreciate everyone who took part in this mission and admire the leaders who coordinated  really hard on this. They did a commendable work. The blanket is really huge and here is a view of it.

All ladies crocheted 4 ft crochet blankets and later joined to make this big giant. The event was held in Chennai. The blanket is now divided into small little blankets and given to charity. I am so glad that i am also a part of it. The record is ours!
Meanwhile I am crocheting a cushion cover which is almost finished now, I want to take a picture outdoor to show it here. Dont know if that happens.anyway that will be my next post.
Till next time
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  1. Its so colorful and wow you were part of it. I had seen this photo on fb too.

  2. Great!! Congrats on being a part of it!!

  3. wow..you can be proud of being a part of it Ninu

  4. Great Ninu..congrats..BTW how is your little princess


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