Friday, 4 March 2016

Spring Blanket -in the making

hello everyone!
How you been? Its already March and I just cant think its two months down already this year. There are some signs of spring here and day is getting brighter and beautiful.It really brightens up the mood too. So I started a new project which is a blanket on spring theme!
  when the little one photobombed when I was taking pictures, but it came out beautifully!

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts about my to-do things on themes/colours, this is one among it. I always wanted an off-white based blanket. hmm..i know its not meant for Indian households.  Maybe it rests mostly on cupboard or even if it sees light I might scream" dont touch, it gets dirty" I am still not sure if I use it or it will be a showpiece. But i decided to give it a go!Dreams are meant to happen ;)

 I am very excited and work on it daily. I am not at the super healthy mode right now,I am tired physically and  i think I have to sit idle and take rest. FYI I never sit idle at my home, I will be working on some or other thing always. If i sit for a movie or tv  at home there will be crochet in my hand. I dont like to sit idle, i hate it, its boring, it makes me lonely! So the progress is a little slow this week , but I aim to finish this before Easter!

So how do you like the squares? The pattern is Primavera flowers from Dada's place. I love her blog and her creations. Hop over to her blog if you haven't, I am sure you will like it too.. So until next time

On a seperate note, Thanks to all lovely people who visited my blog recently and made an effort to put your comment.I love reading it even if its just a word. I linked two of my posts on Linda's Stash buster Link party and those two were among popular posts. yay!! thanks sweethearts!

Take Care

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  1. What a beautiful blanket it will be, truly lovely Spring colours.

  2. Wonderful! ♥ Great color mix and nice pattern. I'm sharing your thoughts about using white, but yes, why not give it a try!! I'm sue the blanket will become a treasure :-). Happy weekend! Nata xxx

  3. beautiful squares and the colors are so pleasing. I too like to make blankets but in my place it cannot be used that much. but I have an idea of making one this year and showcasing it in my bed atleast during day. very nice pose from your cute little one.

    1. Shami,Thanks for commenting. I look forward to see your blanket.

  4. Your squares are looking so pretty. Delicious colours. Is it Stylecraft yarn? My family thinks I am crazy for crocheting coasters, keeping them around the house and then screaming "Don't keep your cup on that!". I think you understand :) The photobomber is very cute.

  5. haha! I totally understand that. this is stylecraft. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Hi Ninu, lovely pics, waiting for the FO !
    I share the same feature, my hands can't be idle, need to do atleast two things at a time ;)


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