Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June '16

Half year gone in a blink! My last post here was before Easter , never thought i take a three months break from here coz of active craft side of life. In between little Miss and myself went for a one month vacation to Kerala,India. 

The Spring blanket which I wanted to finish before Easter is extending the deadline. The current update of that is I joined all squares , have to weave in the ends and do border now. The process is boring now, but I'm loving the look.

With some leftover flowers I made these wall decor. Im planning to do two Mandalas and replace those hats of little Miss. I glued flowers onto the painted canvas, as easy as it can be!

Then these mulberry flower balls which was afternoon activity. Again these flowers are glued onto Styrofoam balls. 
I have a few more things to show, which I will save for next post. 
Take care