Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer Wall Decor

I love decorating home, I love the thinking process, execution and it gives me pleasure. (I dont say my home is clean, neat and decorated always but I try to keep it tidy as possible) Now my colour pallette has all bright colours ,It changes time to time.

Another thing I love is changing decor according to seasons/occassion/festivals. I dont like to see same things over and over.

So for this summer I created these for one wall. The process was simple but I love the outcome totally. The flowers on canvas are leftovers from Primavera blanket.

This Mandala is going rounds on instagram and I wanted to do this.The pattern is beautiful ,I love it. I chose colours matching to the canvas  and used Stylecraft Special DK.

Project Details:
Pattern: Magnolia Mandala
Yarn:Stylecraft Special DK
Size :9.5" 

Thats all for today
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  1. Beautiful make over for your home. How did u fix the mandala on the walls. Very very nice.

    1. Thanks Shami, I have hooks on that friend used double sided tape to fix mandala on wall.

  2. thats a pretty display ninu..i loved it..

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