Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Happy Onam

Hey all,
 Happy Onam to all malayalees !!
 Today we Keralites celebrate Onam , our biggest festival in Kerala. Growing up I have so many good memories of this festival which all starts after our term exams in school finishes. Cousins, games, swing, sadya and the best part - making pookalam. My mom never allowed to pluck flowers from her garden except for Onam (that too she had reservations). We make a small pookalam with flowers and leaves, there will be sadya which we eat on banana leaf sitting on floor. This Onam , as Im on rest with my sprained leg , there wont be much celebration.

 I made this doily inspired by the pookalam we make during Onam. Thats the favourite thing of mine for this festival, I loved making this one. This is an easy and small pattern. I am in love with these colours now.

Project Details:
Pattern: Winter's breath Doily
Yarn : Anchor Mercerised Cotton size 20
Hook: 1.5mm steel hook
Size :9" 

So wishing everyone a very happy and fun Onam, enjoy!!
till next time
Take Care


  1. Beautiful doily. Enjoy your celebrations.

  2. Such delicate and intricate work, Ninu. Your doily is beautiful.

  3. The doily is so beautiful. I have bookmarked this pattern. Colours are soo pleasing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful ! The colours do go well in the pattern. Happy Onam - Kerala is so festive at this time !

  5. Happy Onam to your family! Your doily is so pretty:)

  6. wow..thats a cute little pookalam doily Ninu..

  7. Beautiful Pookkalam in needleart! I loved this idea of pookkalam. Can be treasure and collected over the years


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