Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Doily love

I love doilies, i love making them , for me its not that old fashioned. I find a way to display them.  When my crafty friends asked for a doily along I dint even think and just jumped in. But then I couldnt stop at one. The first I made was pookalam doily and then i took that along a little seriously.

I had a few Red heart size 10 thread in my stash. When I saw the cluster stitch doily on Threadies Facebook group, i quickly downloaded the pattern and started doing it.I find this pattern an easy one if you like clusters and it grow really fast and large. The doily is very beautiful and huge.

Usually I lightly starch my doilies while blocking it, for this one I just dip it water and pinned to shape. Its still holds the shape nicely. And I couldnt stop it there , i started the second one again in Red heart size 10 in the colour Lavender. My friend Nima  gifted me this thread some years back. I wanted to do a skirt for little H with this , I know thats not going to happen any time soon, so I made a beautiful doily with this.
This is from the Ondori book Pineapple Lace, Oh!! I love this book of doilies, the pictures and pattern in this book are awesome!
The design is pretty and this doily also is quite big and now I am making my third doily which is the large pineapple doily, i think that takes quite some time as I am doing one row a day. but who knows!!
I am stash busting and so happy with my efforts so far, there are a few finishes to come in  this space.
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  1. Both the doilies are very beautiful, Ninu!! :)
    Ondori patterns are very nice.

  2. Beautiful doilies you have more patience than me, thank you for linking all your lovely makes. :) xx

  3. Beautiful doilies. I'm very tempted to start the cluster stitch doily. It looks so delicate.

  4. Would love to know more about your ideas for displaying your doilies!


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