Monday, 21 November 2016

Hydrangea Granny Sqaures

There was this plan, to make home accessories in a colour/theme , which was on hibernate mode. I love hydrangeas,the colours,the bunch makes me happy. I collect vase flowers, anything and everything with these flowers which are pleasing to my pocket. A hydrangea theme was in my mind for sometime, and last week I gave a kick start for it. 

It was an impulse start and the squares were done in record time.The colours came out really well as I visualised. Teal and blue with a lil pink and lavender worked like magic. The squares are very soothing to eyes.

I was so excited making these squares and one of my favourite projects so far. I want to finish these off as a cushion cover, which I will do later. I want to do it my old way ,attaching the panel to the plain cushion cover. It will have to wait. There are some more things I want to make in hydrangea theme, slowly i will achieve it.

Project Details:
Yarn Anchor Knitting Cotton Shades 50,52,104,130,256,528
Hook: 2.5mm

Till next time
Take Care

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  1. Beautiful colors!! I have an obsession with hydrangeas too. I have one growing at home, a set of artificial giant bunch in a big vase and few serving trays with hydrangea print. I discovered last year that the mild winters in south India are favourable for hydrangeas.

    1. oh nice Preeti, you should share pics with me then. being a certified brown thumb ,i dont think i can grow any . sigh!

  2. I absolutely adore your color choices..and the photography too..

  3. they are beautiful! Such gorgeous colours, i want a blanket in this palette


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