Friday, 11 November 2016

Incandascence Mandala

The mandala bug bites again!! This time I tested a pattern for a friend and I chose pastels. I wanted to do Christmas crafts week but I did not start! This mandala is the only thing  I did this week.

The pattern is nice and interesting , The mandala is beautiful by itself without blocking ,
I did a small mistake in the final round , so i dint get a good shape. I tried blocking and then also its not perfect ! hmmm...thats okay!! Mistakes happen.

Autumn is in full swing and its is soooo beautiful , loving it totally!! And I am thanking God for this wonderful blessing to watch and experience it!!

Weather is really cold but I dont mind walking a little to enjoy until it lasts!
Till Next time
Take Care


  1. Lovely colours Ninu!. I love autumn for the lovely foliage.


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